Heading down to Tampa for for the weekend? I was able to spend two days soaking up the sun and filling my belly with tasty food and you can do the same too if you keep reading this post! Now let’s get your meals planned for a weekend in Tampa!

Spinners Rooftop Revolving Bistro

If there’s one place that people instantly think of when going to St. Petersburg in Tampa, FL this is it! Throughout your entire meal you are slowly rotating. One moment you have a view of the ocean, then take some bites of your meal and look up to a view of Tampa. Hence, the view is a 10/10 but it doesn’t stop there.

We started off the evening with a delicious charcuterie board with an abundance of cheese, meat, fresh fruit, jam and crostini. For dinner Brennan got the Filet Mignon and I got the Chicken Madeira. Both of our meals were served with a side of mashed potatoes and seasoned vegetables. To end the evening, they surprised us with a celebratory chocolate cake topped with whipped cream.

We definitely recommend this experience when visiting Tampa as it is not every day that you can enjoy a delicious meal with a rotating view throughout the evening.

Castile Restaurant

Castile is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner (and brunch on the weekend!). Both the restaurant and hotel were incredible! The staff were incredibly friendly and our room was beautiful. I also can’t forget to mention that there was a pool AND a hot tub with a bar just a few steps away.

Back to the food! I ordered their omelette and was able to pick out which ingredients I wanted in it. I chose: spinach, onion, feta and peppers with home fries and a side of fresh fruit to top it off. The food was deeeelish and the service was exceptional! They did not rush me and when I wanted to take my time when I first got there, they were more than happy to let me go at my own pace. I have no doubts that going their for another meal would have been a similar, amazing experience.

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Red Mesa Restaurant

We love a good Mexican restaurant. The way we usually base if a restaurant is good or not is by how good their chips, guacamole and salsa are. These three are the start of any meal at a Mexican Restaurant and if they’re delicious, we know we have even better food coming.

We started off the meal with the Guac Trio: Original, Corn & Chorizo and Chipotle. They were all delicious but we both agreed that the Chipotle-flavored guac was our favorite. Lastly, I got a blackened chicken salad and Brennan got house made chicken tacos which were both delicious!

Frog Pond

When on vacation or in life in general, brunch is by far my favorite meal. I make it my mission to find the hottest spots with the best brunch around. However, when visiting a new place, it’s always good to find the local spots that people go to every weekend because it is just that good.

This is the feeling I got about Frog Pond. You could tell people were weekly customers and had their favorites from the menu. I started with their homemade strawberry jam on toast and finished with a HUGE omelete. My omelette had swiss cheese, spinach and it did not disappoint with the amount of filling. No skimping here folks! Lastly, something that stood out to me was the service, it was outstanding! People were constantly asking me how I was doing, if I needed everything and they never let me water cup go empty! It was truly a great experience and a must try place if you want to have breakfast with the locals!

The Lure

The Lure is known as a sushi place but also has an AMAZING tapas menu that truly blew us away. From their tapas menu, we got their meatball plate and they completely exceeded our expectations. I got their hummus, edamame and veggie sushi roll. On the other hand, Brennan got buffalo chicken tacos and pork gyoza. Absolutely everything tasted delicious and was presented beautifully, but our favorite was definitely their meatball dish.

This Tampa trip was a complete success filled with relaxation and delicious eats! We are grateful for the food we had, the people we met and the ability to be able to travel to these places. We already have more places on our list for when we go back and as always, send us your recommendations!

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