We are very fortunate to live in such an amazing city, Boston! But something that we have also come to appreciate are the amazing restaurants and food scene right outside our apartment door in Brookline!

Barcelona Wine Bar

A place that’s always busy…we know no one likes to wait to get seated but let us tell you, there IS a reason. And that reason, you might ask? Is because Barcelona Wine Bar is always a go-to spot for us whether we want some snacks, a full blown meal to make us stuffed or just a drink (or two…). And the best part is that this food scene is right outside our doorstep and we couldn’t be more grateful. If you haven’t been to Barcelona yet, make your reservation right now so that you don’t have to wait an hour to be seated!

The Publick House

Oh The Publick House, where to begin? From the fresh and hot fries with your choice of two dips to a cheese board to satisfy your cheese addictions. This place is always a hit and never a miss! And don’t forget about their unlimiting beer selection because well, who would want to miss out on that? Our favorite part about this food scene in particular are the dip options for the fries. Personal favorites being the truffle ketchup and bbq sauce, but there’s plenty of other flavors depending on your taste buds.

From appetizers to entrees there’s plenty of food to satisfy anyone at The Publick House and that’s probably why it’s rare to not have to wait for a table! Especially to sit outside on a perfect summer day or evening, are you sold yet?

If you are, don’t wait to check out Publick’s because you will truly be missing out if you don’t! And if you’re not completely sold yet…you will be if you give this place a chance!

Burro Bar

Burro Bar, the sister restaurant to one of our favorite taco places in Somerville (the Painted Burro, that we had mentioned in a previous blog post on TACOS!!) is undeniably a popular place right on Beacon. With outdoor seating and a deck in addition to indoor seating, this place can be packed on the daily!

Their menu does not disappoint either, we have devoured their queso and tacos to our hearts desire and we have absolutely no regrets! Their brussel sprouts side with spicy chorizo is also something you don’t want to miss. We can’t help but have a soft spot in our hearts for tacos, it’s just how it is!

The Abbey

Another popular spot not too far from Burro Bar is the Abbey, and on a Wednesday night we had to wait an hour just to get a table at this joint. But let me tell you, it was beyond worth the wait! The Baked Brie with an apple compote was the highlight of all the dishes as an appetizer in my opinion, but Brennan might beg to differ with his Burger Spring Rolls. And my falafel and side of veggies was nothing to pass up that’s for sure.

Anna’s Taqueria

Now, if you’re not looking for a fancy sit-down place or anything that would take too long. Head over to Anna’s Taqueria (they have this Brookline location as well as a bunch of others around Boston!). From tacos to burritos and salads you’re sure to find something you like with some really great flavor. Brennan loved the burrito that he got here and we will definitely make our way back there some day or whenever we need a quick bite to eat!

Tatte Bakery & Cafe

Tatte, Tatte, Tatte… I can never get enough of this bakery or their brunch and lunch menu to say the least. I will go here on the weekends or if I feel like treating myself for lunch at work! Tatte also has many locations all around Boston, but my first time going to Tatte was in fact in Brookline! They have seasonal menus to highlight what’s in season and I have never had a bad experience (even when they change the menu!).

So, go to Tatte, who cares if people say it’s basic, it might be, but it’s SOSO good!!!

When Pigs Fly Bread

When Pigs Fly isn’t really a restaurant but…if you’re a bread lover like us! You want regret making a quick stop at When Pig’s Fly Bakery in Brookline! One of our favorites is sourdough bread and there’s is to die for. They also have a bunch of cool flavors like Hummus Bread (Jes loved this one) as well as chocolate or an apple bread. Seriously, this place is a bread lover’s heaven and it is a must-try for everyone.

With endless flavors of bread, you’re sure to find at least one (if not many more) to take back home with you to enjoy for the days to come.

Cafe Landwer

Brennan loves their pizza, which you wouldn’t necessarily go for on a Medietrranean menu but whatever works! My personal favorite is their hummus plate with falafel and warm pita — perfection!

Let us know what you think of all these places and if you check out the Brookline Food Scene with our recommendations. We would love to hear from you all and never hesitate to comment on this post, e-mail us or message us on Instagram (@feastytravels) !

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  • My top pics in Brookline’s food scene are (for dining) : Barcelona Wine Bar, The Publick House and Cafe Landwer for their hummus plate!
  • When Pigs Fly Bakery is always a good choice and I love to pick up their sourdough on Wednesday’s for just two dollars!!!!