This post is all about Christmas in NYC! From the infamous Christmas lights to the stunning tree at Rockefeller, we have got you covered. You can complete everything in this guide in one day if needed, but if you have multiple days to check these off the list then spread them out as you wish!

Where To Go

Bryant Park – Winter Village (Day or Night)

This is by far my favorite event to go to in NYC around Christmas time. From the abundance of shops to food places, there is something for everyone to do (or eat!). You can spend your time walking around enjoying some of NYC’s best eats or shopping for your loved ones. Lastly, if you’ve got ice skating in NYC on your bucket list, you can also check that off here!

Colombus Circle Holiday Market (Day or Night)

We went to this market for the first time during Christmas 2019 and it was less crowded than the Bryant Park Winter Village but still filled with tons of amazing gift and food vendors. It’s located on the edge of Central Park which is a must and definitely worth taking a stroll through!

Union Square Holiday Market (Day or Night)

We went to this holiday market during Christmas of 2018 and it had similar vendors to the other markets but was still fun to walk through. To be honest, I could do all of these markets back to back and not get sick of it!

Times Square (Day)

I know, I know this is very touristy BUT, worth it if you haven’t been to the city before. Also, the New Year’s Eve ball will be up there so it’s a great photo opportunity and it’s all about the experience right?

Macy’s Windows

Some years may be better than others but the story that these windows tell is always filled with Christmas cheer and spirit. And that is exactly what we’re all looking for at this time of year!

Rockefeller Center (Day or Night)

This is the attraction that most people come for every year and you can tell by the large amount of people that crowd to get a sub par picture. It really is magical to go and see this magnificent tree which is why I never fail to go and see it every year! You can also go ice Skating here too. I got Brennan a gift to go ice skating and booked the VIP option. It was so much more enjoyable because you have a warm place to sit and drinks/ eat snacks!)

Saks Fifth Avenue Light Show (Night)

Lastly, but not least! If you’re at Rockefeller Center at nighttime, turn around and you’ll be staring at Saks Fifth Avenue. They do a light show with music and cheerful lights that will make you want to sing (scream?) Christmas songs as loud as you can.

As always there is always more and new, undiscovered activities to do for Christmas in NYC. It’s a magical time of year, wishing you the best and a Happy Holiday Season and a Happy New Year!


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